Learning Tools Interoperability is a standard which defines how a Tool consumer connects to a tool providing a learning activity. The consumer can provide some information about the person who launched the activity, such as their name, their role in the course, and a unique identifier. The Tool provider can report back a score after a user has completed the activity.
A Virtual Learning Environment, such as Blackboard, Moodle or Canvas. Also known as a Learning Management System, or LMS.
Tool consumer
A system from which users launch LTI activities, such as a VLE. See Consumers.
Tool provider
A system which provides activites to tool consumers. The Numbas LTI software is a tool provider.
In the Numbas LTI provider, each link from a tool consumer to the provider creates a new resource, representing a single exam to be completed by students. See Resources.
A student may make one or more attempts at a Resource. Each attempt is independent from the others.
A connection between the LTI provider and an instance of the Numbas editor. See Editor links.